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She Was Born With Horse Eyes Wait Till You See Her Two Decades Later



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She was born with horse eyes. Wait till you see her two decades later. You’ve probably heard of the tallest and shortest individuals in the world, but do you know about the woman with the most enormous eyes in the world?

It’s common for our eyes to pop out or widen when surprised or expressing fear, but some people almost bulge their eyes out of their sockets, quickly catching the attention of the people around them. When we’re scared or surprised, our eyes widen, but actress Jalisa Thompson’s eyes really pop as bulge right out of their sockets, as in a wild, Wildy Coyote cartoon character.

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Thompson was part of a Today prank promoting Think M’s viral marketing campaign for a new horror movie, Ouija. She played a medium who shocked Today’s own Natalie Morales and Jenna Bush Hager during a psychic session. Believe it or not, the bugey Thompson is a champion, a two-time winner of Ripley’s Great Face Off, an event where people vie to see who can make the weirdest, funniest faces.

Thompson, who looks normal when she’s not bugging her eyes, has said in an interview that she first scared her mom at age 12 with her peer-popping. On Today’s Take, Morales said Thompson credited the extreme eye-bulging talent to incredible muscle control, which is why the Think Moto team set their sights on her.

“It’s rare for sure, but Kim Goodman of Chicago and British YouTube Star John Doyle, who has bulged his orbs in time with Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky,’ are other famous eye-poppers,” opthalmologist Dr. Sha Donahue, Coleman, professor in Ophthalmology and Neurology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, says eyes being pushed forward can be caused by various factors such as trauma or thyroid disease, where the muscles that move the eye get very swollen and push the eyes out forward, making them appear more prominent.

But some people, like Thompson, can do it spontaneously, possibly because of the shape of their face or they have shallow eye sockets. By straining and increasing the pressure in the sockets and boing, push the eyes beyond the eyelids. The concern is the repetitive trauma caused by the stretch that could cause permanent damage to the optic nerve, says Donahue. In other words, leave the eye-popping to the professionals; don’t try this at home,” says Donahue.

“I can’t watch, but I don’t want to stop watching,” wrote an Instagram user while commenting on the video.

Weird world records are not something unusual. However, some are so bizarre they leave you gasping in surprise or shock, just like this record of farthest eyeball pop. A video of this creepily fascinating record has left people with lots of thoughts. Some may look scary if you encounter them for the first time, especially Kim Goodman, who pops out her eyes so quickly that it seems like they’ll come out of their sockets.

People with big eyes are often associated with diseases like Graves or thyroid illness; however, some naturally have big eyes without underlying health conditions. Additionally, not all women with large eyes are scary, as some have landed modeling and influencing jobs because of their outstanding eyes.

So which woman currently holds the Guinness World Record for having the most prominent eyes, and who are the rest?

Learning about Kim Goodman was an eye-opening experience. She’s a woman who can force her eyes 12 mm or 0.47 in out of her eye sockets. She holds the world record for the furthest protrusion of eyeballs. In 2004, she was included by Guinness World Records in their 50th Anniversary list of top 10 Feats of all time. Here we learn more about her life and some interesting facts about her eyes. Her photos alone can be scary for those seeing them for the first time, so you can imagine how dangerous she may look in real life with her eyes popped out. She looks like one of those scary characters from horror films.

Kim, who can protrude her eyes at will, boasts a Guinness World Record for her proptosis condition, being able to protrude her eyes 12 mm from their sockets, making them twice as big as normal human eyes. Kim hails from Chicago, Illinois, but her record-breaking eye measurements were taken in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2007. She can pop her eyeballs out to 12 mm, and her achievement was first put in the hallowed history book in November 2007.

Similar to Sydney, the Chicago woman first discovered her unusual ability as a kid when she was whacked with a hockey mask. Soon, she was sticking pen pencils behind her eyeballs and doing the party trick for fun. Kim also does it when yawning, and she was once named as being in the top 10 Feats of all time, and her popularity led to interviews on TV like The Late Show with David Letterman.

A unique instrument called a proptometer is used to determine the exact size of Pop D. So how did Kim get to know of her condition and that it could Propel her to Global Fame? Kim realized she had proptosis after she was hit by a hockey mask on the head. Shared on September 14, the video has also amassed close to 500 comments. From surprise to wonder to scared, people express various kinds of comments on the video.

“Oh my,” wrote an Instagram user. “I can’t watch, but I don’t want to stop watching,” commented another. “When I see my crush,” joked a third. “I’m scared,” expressed a fourth.

Measuring the pop is an exact science that has to be done by an optometrist using a device known as a proptometer. An average of three measurements gives the final, eye-watering result.

Proptosis is the term for eyeball displacement or bulging eyes. Kim discovered her talent when she was hit on the head by a hockey mask. But now can pop her eyes out on cue.

From a bloke who started projecting his eyeballs out at age nine to a woman who stumbled across her unique talent after being hit in the head with a hockey mask, meet the world’s unmissable eye-poppers.

Although the thought of popping your eyeballs out of their sockets may sound horrifying, some folk are proud to say they can do it. Bulging-eyed men and women have even won world records and have described it as a skill they discovered as children. Others simply have a glass eye, which they can plonk into glasses, to the bemusement of drunk clubbers.

Sydney de Carajo Mosquita – When it comes to having an intense stare, not many can compete with Brazilian drummer and DJ Sydney de Carajo Mosquita. In October, he won a Guinness World Record for projecting his eyeballs out by 18.2 mm in Sao Paulo, meaning he can boast of having the farthest eyeball pop for a man.

Announcing it, he told his 18,000 Instagram followers, “It’s with great joy that I come to share this magical moment with you, friends and fans. Officially today, I became the world record holder for the largest eyes on the planet. I just want to thank everyone, without exception, family, friends, business partners, and of course, my fans. Without you, I wouldn’t have made it this far.” Although it is now his claim to fame,he’s been doing it since he was nine.

He used to make funny faces in the mirror and realized he could pop his eyes out to the amazement of family and friends. The displacement of the eyes from the eyelids is called proptosis, and the condition which allows Sydney to do it is known as globe luxation. But after awarded, Sydney said, “My skill is definitely a gift. It came from my father, my mother, and the Creator, too. A dream come true means opening doors for my work to be even more recognized, and I hope to make the most of this great opportunity as part of the Guinness World Record family.”

John Edward Doyle – Another eye-popper is John Edward Doyle, who in 2013 went viral after filming the bonkers trick while popping along to “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. But no such luck came for John who felt it should have been recognized as a world record. The Merseyside dad said at the time, “Guinness World Records have quite strict criteria, so it’s tough to meet their standards.

While in Japan, I believe I beat the world record for how far I can come out, which is currently 12 millimeters, but due to the language barrier, it was hard to get it recorded accurately.” The bloke who works in marketing realized he could do it in his late 20s when he was larking about with mates in the pub. His Daft Punk video has been viewed almost a million times on YouTube, and he briefly flirted with the limelight.

He appeared on Soccer AM and said, “Suddenly, it had a hundred views, then the figure kept going up and up, and I was getting dozens of emails every couple of hours. It just took off. I was featured on TV in America, and Ripley Believe It or Not contacted me. I never expected it would be as popular as this.”

Glasgow Raver – Just for fun, we’ve added an unnamed Glasgow man who shocked revelers when he was filmed popping his glass eye into his mouth after being egged on by pals. He was filmed rolling his eyeball around before licking it with his tongue, gross. Eventually, he grabbed it and gobbled it up to the horror of onlookers. Clubber Holly Stevenson posted the bizarre footage on Facebook, saying, “Didn’t see that coming.” One comment underneath read, “OMG, what the blank is that, his actual eyeball?” “Jeepers Creepers, where’d you get those peepers?”

NYC Native – An NYC native is garnering major eyeballs online due to her extraordinarily huge peepers, which have earned her comparisons to Gollum from Lord of the Rings. A now-viral video compilation of the optically endowed woman bug-eyeing the camera has racked up over 22.2 million views on TikTok. “People say all kinds of crazy things about who or what I look like,” said Samantha McNab, 21, of her large lenses.

I’ve gotten everything from Tim Burton characters, bugs, Nicole Richie, Mr. Bean, Gollum, cartoon characters… there’s almost nothing I haven’t heard before.” The born New Yorker who currently resides in Florida even claims gawkers think she suffers from thyroid problems such as Graves’ disease, in which an overproduction of thyroid hormones causes the sufferer’s eyes to swell until they bulge out of their head.

However, she insists that her enormous orbs are 100% natural. “I’ve got tested in the past; big eyes are just in my genes and running my family,” declares McNab. Like Dumbo with his oversized ears, the burgeoning social media sensation has learned to embrace her colossal corneas, which she frequently uploads videos for the viewing pleasure of her more than 270,000 followers on TikTok. McNab’s most viral clip to date entails a montage of her bugging her eyes out to full MK-like Judge Doom from Roger Rabbit.

Needless to say, gawkers were struck over the gal’s supersized assets, with one commenter writing, “Real-life Tim Burton character. I’m jealous!” “It’s giving that one short horror film,” said another, while one viewer wrote, “The last one is terrifying. This is how my mom used to look at me when I’d act up in public,” quipped one TikTok wit. Of McNab’s ocular anomalies, another joked that it reminded them of themselves trying to stay awake in class. Meanwhile, other commenters compared the influencer to the bugey titular character from the Pixar flick Rango.

McNab has learned to take the verbal eye pokes in stride, claiming that she now finds a lot of the comments pretty funny. “I mean, even I think that things that I can do with my eyes and the way I look can be weird and kind of scary, but people love it,” the human terer declared. Thankfully, not all the commentary has been negative.

I’ve gotten so many direct messages and comments from young girls saying how they have big eyes and have always been made fun of or bullied for it, but my videos help give them confidence they need,” McNab gushed. “That, to me, is the most rewarding.” She summed up the experience like this: “I tell them that I love having this unique thing about me that allows me to stand out from other people in a good way, so why not embrace it?”

McNab’s not the first to turn her anomalous appearance to her advantage on social media. Connecticut’s Samantha Ramsdell, who holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest mouth, has garnered over three and a half million followers on TikTok by posting videos of herself consuming everything from sandwiches to marshmallows using her jumbo jaws.

Instagram models are a dime a dozen these days, but few have the visually striking appearance of Maria Oz, a young Ukrainian visual artist and model with unusually large eyes. Most of Maria’s 117,000 Instagram followers are convinced that she has the world’s largest eyes. To be honest, they do look unnaturally big, at least in some of her photos, which is why some people are sure that she uses editing software to alter her appearance.

That makes sense considering Maria Oz is a self-described visual artist who sometimes posts edited photos of herself, either with an extremely long neck or with differently colored eyes. However, when it comes to her eyes, she reportedly claims they really are that large in real life. Maria Oz told Ukrainian website Beauty Hub that she started taking photos in 2016 after having her appendix removed.

She was bored after the surgery, so she tried cooking. That wasn’t the best idea, as she wasn’t allowed to eat much, so she tried photography and video instead. Her skills gradually improved; she started posting pictures and videos on Instagram, and people took notice. She does point out that success didn’t happen overnight; it came gradually.

Anyway, going back to the feature that most makes Maria Oz stand out, her eyes. They may not be as large as in some of the photos, but they are definitely larger than average. Just check out some of her YouTube videos, and you’ll soon see what I mean. According to Oz, revel Maria Oz isn’t too bothered by the critics who accuse her of faking her look to attract attention.

Maria Oz is also an accomplished model with quite a deal of experience, having worked with brands like LA Magazine, Bulgaria, or The combination of babies and animals is usually not a common practice. Parents have a vital responsibility to ensure the safety of their children, and this includes safeguarding them from their own pets in a new family home. Just as the parents were starting to build trust in their new dog’s behavior around their baby, an unexpected incident occurred that left them astonished.

David and Susan Anderson were a newly wed couple living in Tampa, Florida. They had been married for 7 years and were finally ready to start a family. Susan had just become a mom to their first baby, Henry, and they were overjoyed. But at the same time, they were concerned about how their dog would react to the new addition.

They had adopted their dog just a week ago, and he was still very young. David and Susan didn’t expect to have a puppy, but when one of their friends passed away, they took the puppy in because it had nowhere else to go. They quickly learned that having a new puppy meant dealing with a lot of energy.

The puppy would zoom around the house, race through the garden, and explore every nook and cranny it could squeeze into. No matter how much they fed the puppy, it always seemed to have plenty of energy left. Healthy puppies are full of beans, but this one might have been a problem. In fact, the vet told them that the puppy even had too much energy. It struggled to sleep sometimes, which might have been impacting its health. Getting enough rest was important for dogs too, and this pup might be getting anxious and nervous because of a lack of sleep.

More than anything, the abundance of energy made Dave and Susan concerned about what might happen when Henry arrived. Could it be dangerous for him? How would the puppy react? They were worried, and today was the day that they brought Henry home from the hospital.

After gathering all of their belongings from their room, David swung the car around from the parking lot and picked up his wife. Susan was nursing Henry, who was sleeping soundly in her arms. He had been signed off as healthy by the attending doctors, and now it was time for David and Susan to do everything themselves.

The car ride back to the house was quiet. They didn’t need to say anything to each other. There was nervousness and excitement in the air. David had been preparing the house for months. Everything was baby-proofed and ready for Henry’s arrival.

As they pulled into the driveway, Henry slowly opened his eyes to the side of his home. Susan got out of the car slowly and carried him inside while he looked around, surveying the new environment. The lights were a little bright, and he tucked his head into the darkness of his mother’s armpit. But moments later, Henry would be roused from his rest.

As soon as they were through the front door, the puppy was jumping at their feet, trying to climb up and see what was wrapped in Susan’s arms. It could sense that something special was there and wanted to see for itself. But David intervened. He rushed to put the dog gates and separated from Susan, which only made it confused.

Henry was quickly taken into his room. Waiting for him was a freshly painted blue room with a shiny new crib the parents had assembled just the day before. While they had been setting it up, the puppy had played with David and Susan, even running through the paint bucket and flewing specks of blue all over when it shook its body dry.

But the puppy was in for a shock today. As the parents entered the room behind them, the door was closed, with the puppy left looking up at the door with a tilted head. It was the first time he wasn’t allowed to follow his parents, and he didn’t understand. Just days earlier, he was allowed to run around every room, jump up on the couch, and even sleep on the bed with the parents. But after Henry arrived, the puppy realized that things had changed.

It was often locked out of the room with the baby inside, and the bed was off-limits too because the baby sometimes settled there when it couldn’t sleep. And that made two of them because with the arrival of Henry, the puppy slept even less than before. It had the same amount of energy as ever, and now it couldn’t get rid of it. It had lost its two playmates and was left sitting around waiting with apparent solely focused on Henry. It wasn’t feeling enough affection or attention.

At first, the puppy cried out and moaned. But when that didn’t work, it tried a different strategy. As the days went on, the puppy began to really behave itself. So Susan and David decided to slowly introduce it to Henry. But it was a careful procedure. They started by letting it sniff the baby’s head to get a feel for Henry’s scent. Susan held him tightly, ready to scoop him out of the way if the puppy acted up.

After the puppy passed that test, everyone became more relaxed. Soon, it progressed to the two sitting on the couch together, almost all by themselves. The puppy would come up close to the baby, snuggle, and roll around on the couch with him. Henry stuck out his arms to grab the puppy and laughed when it tickled him. They were a match made in heaven, and their parents were overjoyed.

It was clear to them that there was nothing to worry about. But they let their guard down. They were about to be shocked by the effect Henry had on the puppy.

It was a slow Sunday afternoon, and everyone was resting in the house. Well, almost everyone. David and Susan were cuddling each other on the couch under a blanket, and the little baby was sleeping face down on top of a blanket on the floor of the living room. Henry was at the point where leaving him almost anywhere could lead to a deep nap. Watching him nod off even made David and Susan feel sleepy.

But as usual, the puppy wasn’t tired. By now, the vet had given the puppy some medication to help it rest, but nothing seemed to work. The vet had told them that if they found anything that helps, do it. Sometimes, when the puppy hadn’t slept in a while, it could be a little unpredictable.

So when it crept up behind Henry, the parents watched over them from the couch. They both sat up upright and kept a close eye on the two of them, ready to intervene if the pup was disturbing him. After slowly waddling up to the blanket, it sat near the baby’s head, gently rocking itself back and forth.

A few seconds later, it circled around Henry’s small body and brushed up against him. They were about the same size now, and it felt like the puppy was beginning to see him more as a brother than another pet. From there, it looked like Henry’s nap might be ending early. But instead, the puppy rested its head on top of Henry’s head.

What happened next was the most shocking, though. The puppy shut its eyes quickly at first, before shutting them for longer and longer. It only took a few more seconds, and the puppy was asleep. Susan and David looked at each other. It was astonishing. The puppy really was sound asleep right on top of their baby, and the two looked more comfortable than ever.

They had tried everything they could think of to help get this puppy to sleep, and the secret ended up being Henry. They both laughed. The fact that they had been stressing about bringing Henry home felt a bit ridiculous now. After that, everything was different. The puppy had no trouble sleeping anymore. Whenever it had difficulty sleeping, the parents just placed it near Henry. They didn’t even have to be touching each other.

Sometimes, the puppy slept under Henry’s crib at night, and that worked well too. The puppy would watch Henry from under the crib while their parents rocked Henry to sleep. Once the lights were turned off, the pup would rest its head and fall asleep too.

Even when the puppy grew up, nothing changed. It still wanted to be near Henry, and if Henry wasn’t at home, the puppy couldn’t sleep well. Babies often have a companion to sleep with, and this might be the first time a dog needed one. Let us know in the comments section. I hope you like this video. Please give it a thumbs up and share it with your loved one. Also, subscribe and press the Bell icon to never miss the update from our.

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