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The Baby Seemed To Be Quite Normal But When The Doctors Took a Closer Look, They Were Frightened



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“When this baby was born, he looked quite normal. But when doctors took a closer look, they were frightened. Muhammad Hassan, a man in his 50s, and his pregnant wife, Ani, 41, lived in a small village in Indonesia. Their home was adorned with colorful flowers and surrounded by swaying palm trees.

The couple already had two children: Ali and Noor. Ali, a 12-year-old boy with a precious smile, possessed a natural talent for soccer. Noor, a sweet-natured nine-year-old girl with sparkling eyes, had a passion for painting and could create breathtaking artwork with a vivid imagination.

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One sunny morning, Muhammad and Ani sat together on their couch, engaging in a conversation. Ani’s pregnant belly, round and full, hinted at the imminent arrival of their third child. Muhammad, his deep voice filled with anticipation, spoke softly to his beloved wife.

“Ani, my dear, we must decide on a name for our unborn child. I want a name that resonates with our love and dreams for them.”

As they pondered a name, memories of their journey as parents flooded their thoughts. They recalled their joyous laughter, shared tears of comfort during difficult times, and the unwavering support they offered one another. It was within this nurturing environment that Ali and Noor had blossomed, and they yearned to create the same loving space for their soon-to-be-born child.

After careful consideration, the couple’s eyes met, brimming with excitement and certainty. The duo agreed to say the name they had come up with on the count of three. Much to their surprise, they both said ‘Akbar’ in unison. Although surprised, they were both excited because they had never discussed the name of their child, and they were pleased that they had come up with the same name. Akbar means ‘great,’ so the couple were certain that their unborn child would indeed be great and be an inspiration to many.

Their decision made, Muhammad and Ani embraced, their hearts overflowing with anticipation and love for their growing family. They pictured Akbar, their little one, joining the Hassan household, surrounded by Ali’s laughter and Ani’s gentle nurturing.

As Muhammad and Ani were still discussing their plans for Akbar, Ani suddenly let out a sharp scream, clutching her belly. Muhammad’s eyes widened in shock as he realized what was happening. Ani’s water had broken.

Quickly regaining his composure, Muhammad rushed to her side, supporting her as they made their way outside. Adrenaline surged through Muhammad’s veins as he hailed a passing cab, urging the driver to rush them to the hospital. Ani winced, her contractions growing stronger and more frequent with each passing moment.

Finally, they arrived at the hospital’s emergency entrance, the cab screeching to a halt. Muhammad helped Ani out of the vehicle and supported her as they rushed inside. The nurses, trained to handle such situations, sprang into action immediately, recognizing the urgency.

As the nurses quickly gathered around Ani, their experienced hands began assisting her in the delivery process. Ani gritted her teeth, her determination shining true as she pushed with all her might, desperately trying to bring her baby boy into the world. However, despite her efforts, the baby seemed reluctant to make its grand entrance.

Ani’s brow furrowed with frustration as her energy waned, and the doctor closely monitored the situation. Realizing the need for intervention, he gently informed Ani that they would have to perform a Cesarean delivery. Though disappointed that her original plan had changed, Ani understood that it was necessary for the well-being of both her and the baby.

Within moments, the medical team swiftly prepared for the surgical procedure, ensuring all necessary equipment was in place. Ani was prepped for the surgery, her anxious eyes meeting Muhammad’s gaze as they held each other’s hands for reassurance.

The doctor, calm and composed, approached Ani, explaining the procedure and offering soothing words. Muhammad’s heart raced with anticipation and trepidation as she was wheeled into the operating room. Muhammad stood by her side, providing support.

Ani was made comfortable on the operating table, a screen placed to shield her from the view of the surgery. The doctor administered anesthesia to ensure that Ani would not feel any pain during the procedure, and the sense of numbness gradually spread throughout her body.

The doctor carefully made the incision, feeling a sense of anticipation wash over him. Ani’s abdominal cavity opened up, revealing the warm environment in which her baby had grown. The doctor’s hands moved with practiced precision, slowly revealing the head, then the body of the newborn.

At first glance, the baby appeared to be normal. It was when the doctor took a closer look that his expression changed from one of curiosity to utter disbelief. The baby was huge—its size was shocking, as if this little one had spent years developing inside the womb instead of the usual nine months.

The medical team’s eyes widened in astonishment as they assisted the doctor in completing the operation. The nurses exchanged glances, their eyebrows raised in amazement. The weight of the baby surpassed any records they had encountered before.

The nurses gently lifted the baby and placed them on the scale. The digital display flickered momentarily before settling at a staggering 8.6 kilograms or 19.2 pounds. The room fell into stunned silence. Even the experienced doctors who had witnessed countless births were left speechless.

Ani, still under the effects of the anesthesia, was oblivious to the amazement her baby had evoked. It was only when she heard the baby cry that she opened her eyes. Muhammad, her husband, squeezed her hand gently. The doctor told Ani, with his voice filled with astonishment and relief.

“Ani, your baby is safe and healthy,” he said, his eyes conveying his amazement. “But we’ve just witnessed an extraordinary event. Your baby’s size is nothing like we’ve ever seen before.”

Ani’s eyes widened. She looked down at her baby, cradled gently in her arms, and tears welled up in her eyes. Overwhelmed by the moment, she whispered softly, “My baby, my beautiful, healthy baby.”

Muhammad entered the doctor’s office. The doctor’s calm demeanor did little to ease his anxiety. The doctor began to discuss the recent surgery and shed more light on his baby’s unexpected weight. Muhammad leaned forward, his eyes fixed on the doctor, eager for an explanation.

The doctor continued his conversation, explaining that during the surgery, they observed that Ani had high levels of glucose in her system due to her diabetes. This excess glucose crossed the placenta and affected the baby’s growth, leading to the remarkable weight they witnessed.

He felt relief in finally understanding the cause for his baby’s weight. He knew that managing Ani’s diabetes was essential, not only for her own well-being but also for their baby’s future. The doctor assured Muhammad that the baby’s weight is extraordinary; it doesn’t necessarily indicate any immediate health risks. However, it does mean that your baby may have a larger appetite compared to a typical newborn.

Muhammad nodded, his mind already racing with thoughts of what lay ahead. He realized that their journey would require a collective effort to ensure the health and happiness

of their child. The doctor proceeded to provide comprehensive guidance on managing Ani’s diabetes and the baby’s nutritional needs, stressing the importance of monitoring blood sugar levels, following a well-balanced diet, and maintaining regular checkups to address any potential complications.

Leaving the doctor’s office, Muhammad felt a renewed sense of purpose. He knew that their lives were about to change, and he was determined to be the rock upon which Ani and their baby could rely.

The news of the remarkable baby’s weight spread like wildfire throughout Abdul Manan Hospital. Nurses, doctors, and staff from various departments flocked to the ward to catch a glimpse of the extraordinary newborn. The corridors buzzed with excitement as whispers of the giant baby filled the air.

Word even reached the hospital’s administration, and the CEO, Mr. Anderson, could not resist the temptation to witness the extraordinary baby himself. He congratulated the proud parents and witnessed this remarkable phenomenon firsthand.

Ani beamed with pride, her heart bursting with happiness. She felt a sense of awe at the attention her baby received but remained grounded in the fact that both she and her child were healthy. The love she felt for her child was immeasurable, and she relished in the joy that radiated from every corner of the room.

As the news of the miraculous baby spread beyond the confines of the hospital, the community at large became enamored with the story. Local news outlets picked up the tale, featuring heartwarming interviews with Ani and Muhammad. The couple, humble and gracious, expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of love and support.

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