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Man Tries To Get Bison Off The Road. When He Comes Closer, He Realizes Something Is Wrong



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When Anna was on her morning jog through a nature reserve, she saw something that stopped her in her tracks. So close to the trail, she saw a bison. As she came to a halt, the animal neared her, and while Anna was in shock, it gently pressed its head against her body.

Anna had never been that close to a bison, or any animal for that matter. She loved jogging through the Nature Reserve due to the peace and quiet. When animals noticed people being around, they normally ran in the other direction. Anna couldn’t believe what she was seeing; this certainly wasn’t ordinary behavior.

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When the animal was moving, Anna knew she had to follow it, but would it be a good idea going off the path and pushing past twigs, branches, and leaves? She soon found herself surrounded by trees, bushes, and a lot of leaves. “Where are you taking me?” she wondered aloud, though she kept following the bison. She also grabbed her phone. Seeing that she only had two bars of service left, she knew that she had to do it quickly. No service could prove to be lethal. She would simply share her location with her boyfriend. She texted Matt quickly, giving him the location of where she had left the path and where she currently was.

The animal kept up a brisk pace, though often stopped to let Anna catch up to it. As they walked deeper into the woods, Anna couldn’t help but notice that it was getting later. The sun had started to go down, elongating the shadows in the forest. The bison suddenly stopped, making Anna stop dead in her tracks too. She took a deep breath, calming her nerves before she slowly took a few tentative steps forward toward the tree. Her brows furrowed at the sight; she now had even less of an idea of what was going on.

Why had the bison led her here? Before her stood a campsite. No one seemed to be here at the moment; however, the people who resided here hadn’t been gone for long, as the ashes of their campfire were still a bit warm. The bison had looked at her, almost concerned, as Anna ventured into the camp. She saw clothes, supplies, and maps scattered around. Something strange was happening here, and she would get to the bottom of it.

Among the strewn items, Anna found a leather-bound journal. Flipping it open, she found the first pages filled with meticulous notes about the nature reserve. The entry spoke of the diverse animals that called the Reserve home, their habits, and behaviors. The journal’s early entries detailed animal migration patterns, showcasing an impressive variety of wildlife.

The camper wasn’t just a casual visitor but someone with a profound understanding of the area. This person had spent a significant amount of time here, learning and documenting. The camper appeared to be following a specific route, possibly tracking something. The map and the journal’s detailed entries suggested a purposeful exploration. Anna’s curiosity was piqued. What was this person tracking? Why did they leave in such a hurry? The bison’s actions were deliberate, guiding Anna through the campsite.

Spurred by the bison’s actions, Anna re-examined the campsite with renewed focus. She discovered a series of footprints that she hadn’t noticed before, leading away from the campsite. The discovery of the map pieces and their connection to the journal added a new level of depth to Anna’s quest. The bison moved with a purposeful stride, leading her away from the familiar trails and into the dense thicket of the woods.

Anna followed closely, her eyes scanning the surrounding wilderness, trusting in the animal’s instinctual knowledge of the land. The map in her hand was a guide, but the bison was her compass. The forest enveloped Anna and the bison, a green canopy arching above them. They moved through thick underbrush where sunlight barely touched the ground.

Anna observed the bison that was with her and thought about the fact that he was here alone. She began to hypothesize about its separation from the herd; perhaps it had been ousted in a struggle for dominance, or maybe it was seeking something lost. The bison’s calm demeanor around her suggested a unique story.

Turning her attention back to the journal, Anna came across references to equipment not typically used by wildlife enthusiasts. There were mentions of advanced tracking devices, night vision goggles, and other gear that seemed out of place in a naturalist’s toolkit. “Why would they use this?” Anna asked herself out loud.

The shift from a wildlife enthusiast to someone seemingly engaged in more intrusive activities was troubling. Anna knew she couldn’t do this alone; she needed a phone signal. She looked around, assessing her surroundings for higher ground. Finally, Anna saw a potential spot for better reception. A clearing ahead promised a break from the relentless canopy that blanketed most of the forest.

Finally, they reached the clearing. Anna hurriedly pulled out her phone, her fingers crossed for a signal. She suddenly noticed the flood of text messages, most of them belonging to Matthew; he must be worried sick. Anna quickly composed a text to Matthew, her boyfriend, her fingers trembling slightly. “I’m still in the Nature Reserve. I am following a bison. I am calling the cops and will send you a location.” Anna sent the message, her heart racing as she realized everything that had happened.

Next, Anna dialed the local police department. Her voice was steady as she reported her discovery of the abandoned campsite and the odd behavior of the bison. “I believe there might be illegal activities in the reserve,” she explained. While waiting for the police, she found that there were cages, ropes, and remnants of makeshift holding areas. Each piece of evidence she found added to the story of exploitation and cruelty hidden within the woods. The journal entries now made a horrifying sense; this wasn’t just observation; it was active illegal hunting.

Then, amidst the quiet, Anna heard a soft, pained bellowing. Following the sound, she found two young bison calves caught in a trap. Tears filled Anna’s eyes as she approached them slowly, speaking in gentle, soothing tones. “Shh, it will be all right.” As the rescuers worked to free the calves, Anna turned to the bison that had led her here. In its eyes, she knew she saw something that she could only call gratitude.

Based on Anna’s information and the evidence collected from the campsite, the police were able to quickly identify and locate the poacher. Within hours, the individual was apprehended and brought to justice for their crimes against the wildlife. As Anna watched the bison rejoin its herd, a sense of peace settled over her. The adventure she had embarked on had changed her in ways she could never have imagined.

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