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Mom Felt An Alarming Pain Ten Days After She Gave Birth To Her Triplets.



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Ten days after the birth of her triplets, the mother feels a huge pain in her chest. Triplets are very special, and the odds of having them are one in ten thousand. So, it is not something we will all experience in a lifetime. However, this was the case for American Cassie Roth from the state of Kansas.

She was pregnant with triplets, and she and her husband Joe were thrilled to be expecting three children at the same time. Who wouldn’t be thrilled? Cassie and Joe had a great love affair that only got better with this special gift. From the beginning, the couple knew they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives. Cassie and Joe married in 2006. Two years later, they bought a farm, and they had a dream life—a beautiful marriage and a perfect life together.

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Now, they also had their own house and were busy renovating it. It was a lot of work, but in the end, it was very beautiful. They were both proud of the result. In spite of this, they still felt that something was missing. Their needs were covered, but they wanted to have children and enlarge the family. Only then would their lives be complete.

The house was finished and suitable for the children. Some time later, Cassie became pregnant. The couple was happy; their big dream had come true. A few months later, they discovered it was a girl, and when she was born, they named her Chloe. They were floating on clouds; their joy knew no bounds, and the baby became the center of everything.

After four years, they received good news. The woman was pregnant again, with a little girl they named Tin Lil. It was beautiful. The parents were getting busier and busier; they now had two little girls to support. As hectic as it was at times, they loved this lifestyle. But were they prepared for all that would happen?

A few years later, they had another first. In fact, it was something that would change everything forever. They never would have expected such a thing. It turned out that Cassie was pregnant again, but this time it was triplets. It was a natural pregnancy, which is very rare. They couldn’t believe it. It was a big event for them to deal with. Suddenly, they went from two to five children, and the first two were still small.

They had a beautiful house, but now it was going to be full. Cassie and Joe couldn’t believe how their fate had turned out. As good as it was, the outlook was not going to be easy. The doctor told Cassie that her pregnancy would be high risk and could even be dangerous. They advised her to take certain medications that would allow her to deliver early and without complications, but she flatly refused. She convinced herself that all four would be fine. There was no way to get her to agree.

She decided to go to another hospital for medical care and to get a second opinion. This made her feel safer, even though she had to stay in the hospital for a few months. Fortunately, she had relatives in the area who could help her. Her husband and children remained at home and were separated for months.

It was hard for everyone, but it was for her own good and for the health of the mother and babies. She almost talked every day about how much she missed her family, but she also wanted to make sure her three future children were safe and healthy. So she did it; there was no other way.

And so, the days went by. The triplets were getting bigger and bigger, and her belly was getting bigger. The delivery day was closer. She still didn’t believe they were going to have five children. She thought it was great and was happy about it. She couldn’t wait to meet the three angels and go home together with her loved ones.

On June 29th, 2016, Cassie gave birth by caesarean section. It was a very intense day, but all three children were healthy. There were two boys and a girl: Asher, Levi, and Piper were so cute. The mother wanted to go home as soon as possible, but the doctor advised her to stay a few more days to make sure the triplets were in perfect health. Finally, she was allowed to return home. She was very happy about it, but the babies remained in the hospital.

Then she almost had to go back too because she was not feeling well. Ten days after the birth, the mother felt a huge pain in her chest. It was a stabbing pain, as if someone had stabbed her. It was unbearable. Joe rushed his wife to the hospital, and once there, the couple learned that she almost had a blood clot in her lung. The doctors assured them that everything would be fine and that she was in good hands. The woman would be able to be with her three newborns again, and hopefully, they would go home as soon as possible. At least she didn’t look too bad, so they tried not to worry too much.

The couple returned home so the mother could see her older daughters. Everything seemed calm; she started to take care of everything, and the family was grateful for her return. They missed her very much. However, after a few days, her discomfort was present again. She felt a pain in her chest again. Joe panicked and immediately took her back to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the situation escalated in the car. Cassie became unconscious. Joe tried to wake her up, but to no avail. He began to worry even more. He drove as fast as he could so as not to waste a second. His wife was still unresponsive when they arrived; they moved her to the emergency room. Meanwhile, the man waited outside and didn’t know what to think. He just wished his wife would recover quickly.

Joe tried his best to remain calm, but it was difficult. He felt that time was passing very slowly and prayed that there would be good news soon. Meanwhile, the doctors were doing everything they could to save Cassie, but the situation was critical. They didn’t know what to do. A little later, the specialists came out, and Joe ran up to them. They had a serious look in their eyes. “Oh no, I hope they don’t have bad news,” he thought.

He was getting more and more anxious, but the information was devastating. They explained to him that unfortunately, there was nothing more they could do. Cassie was beyond saving. The love of his life, the mother of his five beloved children, had not survived. It was the biggest shock of his life. Joe felt terrible; how could his dream life suddenly end up in a nightmare? The little ones were now going to grow up without their mother. What was he supposed to tell them? They would be destroyed too. It was terrible.

Cassie was only 36; her family and friends had to say goodbye suddenly. But Joe had to stay strong for his children, no matter how much it pained him. He had arranged a nice funeral for his wife, and everyone got to see her one last time—her one last time.

Now Joe was alone and had kids to take care of; his beloved partner was gone. However, the situation became a little less bleak. He also received a lot of support; a GoFundMe page was set up, and money was raised for the family. They raised more than 150,000 euros. Everyone who heard about the story was very touched, and thousands of people donated. This helped them a lot, and Joe will always be grateful.

Joe’s parents have also committed themselves to the cause. The grieving widower is doing his best to stay strong, even though he misses his love very much. It all happened so quickly and unexpectedly; his wife ended up dying from the blood clot in her lung, probably caused by the pregnancy. But the doctors had said it wasn’t that bad, so he didn’t expect it. It was terrible; he couldn’t believe it was all happening.

It took Joe a while to come to terms with it. For the first few days, he was paralyzed and didn’t want to accept the news. Unfortunately, that was the reality, and nothing could change it. Joe always gets help from those around him. He and his family are doing better; his children are also staying strong, even though they miss their mother very much. The triplets help bring them more happiness and joy.

Joe and his little ones try to keep Cassie alive in their minds, even though she is physically gone. Before she died, she asked Joe to tell her children how much she loved them, and he doesn’t hesitate to remind them always.

How would you help Joe in his situation?

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