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Coffin Starts To Shake As It Gets Buried, When Priest Opens It He’s Screams: “God, No!



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“The cemetery stood still under a cloudy sky, a somber canvas of gray and green. Mourners gathered, eyes wet with sorrow. The priest’s voice wavered in a final prayer as the coffin descended into the Earth’s embrace. A tremor quivered through the ground, hushing the crowd. But before we start, make sure to subscribe if you haven’t and hit that notification bell so that you won’t miss any new stories.

During the funeral of Betty, a woman who was loved by the whole community, something started to happen that no one saw coming. But when it was time to lower the coffin into the grave, it suddenly began to shake. Sebastian was the first to notice how the coffin of his deceased wife began to move.

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“Stop!” he suddenly yelled as he walked toward the coffin. “Stop lowering the coffin!” The priest yelled again, “What on Earth is happening with my wife?” Sebastian asked, panic-ridden. He looked at the priest, but it didn’t look like he knew what to do. The priest took a minute to think.

“I think we might have to open the coffin,” he eventually said, locking eyes with Sebastian. “I’ll do it,” she said with a confident tone, but Sebastian knew this was way out of her comfort zone. She only did this for him.

The priest walked over to the funeral workers and asked them if it was possible to move the coffin to a private room. Before touching the coffin, the priest paused, bowing his head in prayer. “Grant us courage and understanding,” he whispered, seeking solace and strength from a higher power.

As the lid lifted, the priest’s eyes met something startling within the coffin. The air was abruptly pierced by the priest’s cry. “God, no!” His voice laden with horror and disbelief echoed in the solemn space. In the thick of uncertainty, Sebastian found a wellspring of courage within him. He stepped forward, his resolve strengthening with each step towards the coffin.

The priest’s alarmed expression lingered in his mind, but Sebastian’s love for Betty propelled him. It was a testament to their shared life, a life now encapsulated in the silent form lying within the coffin’s shadowed interior.

Sebastian, driven by a profound sense of love and duty, approached the coffin’s edge. His heart ached with the memory of their life together, a tapestry of joy, challenges, and shared dreams now facing the finality of their earthly bond. He felt a surge of devotion. This act, however daunting, was his to bear, a final act of love for the woman who had been his companion, his confidant, his love.

Standing at the coffin’s side, Sebastian’s hand hovered over the lid. His deepest fears, like shadows at the edge of his thoughts, threatened to overwhelm him. Yet he knew he must confront whatever lay beneath. This moment, charged with a mix of dread and duty, was a crossroads between clinging to the past and facing the unknown.

With a trembling hand, he steeled himself to confront the reality within. Taking a deep, steadying breath, Sebastian prepared to peer inside the coffin. His heart pounded, sounding a drumbeat echoing in the stillness. As the lid fully opened, Sebastian’s eyes met an unexpected sight: Betty lay there, peaceful as if in deep slumber.

He found himself momentarily lost in the calmness of her visage, a poignant reminder of their shared moments of quietude. In a moment of stillness, Sebastian’s gaze settled on Betty’s face. Memories flooded back—her laughter, the warmth of her touch, the depth of her understanding.

Sebastian and the priest leaned closer, eyes meticulously combing over every inch of the coffin. Amid their meticulous examination, a small, sudden movement within the coffin’s lining caught their attention. Sebastian and the priest paused, their eyes fixating on the spot where the subtle motion had occurred.

As they carefully investigated the source of the movement, a small squirrel, evidently frightened and confused, emerged from its hiding place within the coffin’s lining. Sebastian and the priest exchanged looks of disbelief. The realization of the squirrel’s involvement in the day’s strange events slowly dawned on them.

Sebastian remembered how Betty had often cared for animals, including squirrels, in their garden. With the discovery of the squirrel, the enigma of the shaking coffin was finally resolved. The relief was palpable as the tension that had built up around the mystery dissipated.

The sight of the squirrel triggered a flood of memories for Sebastian. He remembered how Betty’s face would light up whenever she tended to the animals in their garden. These memories, bittersweet in their beauty, brought both joy and sorrow. Her kindness had been a beacon of light in their lives, and now, in this moment, it shone through once more.

Bridging the gap between the past and the present, as Sebastian reflected on his memories of Betty, he felt a sense of healing beginning to take root. Each recollection, each remembered moment of her compassion and love, seemed to soothe the raw edges of his grief.

Moved by the day’s revelations and his memories of Betty, Sebastian made a heartfelt decision. He would care for the squirrel, honoring Betty’s legacy of compassion. As days passed, a gentle bond formed between Sebastian and the squirrel. He began to look forward to their interactions, finding solace in the creature’s trust and company.

Each memory was like a photograph, vivid and poignant, capturing the essence of their life together. These cherished recollections, filled with laughter and love, served as a gentle reminder of the beautiful journey they had shared.

Tending to the squirrel became an integral part of Sebastian’s journey of healing. The routine of caring for the animal provided a structure to his day, a purposeful activity that eased the weight of his grief.

This simple act of nurturing another life helped him process his loss, allowing him to gradually come to terms with Betty’s absence while honoring her memory in a meaningful way. The act of remembering Betty, coupled with caring for the squirrel, became a therapeutic process for Sebastian.

Each day as he engaged in this dual act of remembrance and care, he felt a gradual lightening of his grief. This ongoing tribute to Betty’s life allowed him to recover pieces of himself that he thought lost.

In this tender balance of remembrance and moving forward, Sebastian found a path toward healing and acceptance.”

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