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Police officer who slept with six co-workers still fighting lawsuit against members of police force she was fired from



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A former Tennessee police officer accused of having sex with six of her co-workers continues to fight a lawsuit about the case one year after being fired.

Maegan Hall was fired from the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee in January 2023, less than two years after she joined the department as a rookie.

Her dismissal came after an investigation into the department revealed allegations that officers were having sex with one another while on the job, and in city-owned property.

Mayor Jason Cole was informed about the relationships by a source, after which five police officers admitted to having undisclosed sexual relationships with Hall.

Three of the officers who admitted to the relationships were fired along with Hall, as was police sergeant Henry “Ty” McGowan. Other officers were suspended for their involvement.

After she was fired, Hall filed a lawsuit against the city of La Vergne, her former police chief Burrel “Chip” Davis, and former sergeants McGowan and Lewis Powell.

Hall claimed in the suit that the men had conspired to sexually groom and exploit her after she arrived at the department, before then using her as a scapegoat when the sexual misconduct scandal came to light.

Hall described herself as a ‘vulnerable and optimistic 24-year-old woman’ when she joined the department.

The suit continued: “In place of offering professional development, her supervisors and the Chief of Police groomed her for sexual exploitation

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“They colluded in using their authority to systematically disarm her resistance and entrap her in degrading and abusive sexual relationships, even sharing tips on the best ways to manipulate and exploit her.”

In response to Hall’s lawsuit, Powell filed a counter suit to accuse Hall of lying about the relationships and argue that what happened was fully consensual.

Powell accused Hall of ‘persistently flirting with him and pressuring him to engage in sexual relations with her’.

Two separate investigations into the misconduct found that Hall had engaged in sexual activity with male officers, as well as sharing intimate photos and videos.

In an interview with News Channel 5, Hall said she suffered from depression and had felt trapped in the job.

“My supervisors worked together to take advantage of my vulnerabilities and mental health, and they used it for their gain and their sexual pleasure,” she claimed.

“They isolated me — shunned me. They accused me, and they blamed me for becoming a victim,” Hall added

Hall’s lawsuit against the city and the bosses is still ongoing.

UNILAD has contacted La Vergne city and a representative for Hall for comment.

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