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Uber Driver Overhears A Suspicious Conversation From The Backseat. Then, He Looks Back At The Girl. That’s When He Calls The Police



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Uber driver Keith Avila was driving a female teenager and two adult women when he heard something devious and off with their conversation.

Avila told ABC13, “They started like talking, like saying everything that was going on. Like what they’re doing, child sex trafficking.”

That’s when he realized that the girl, who was later found out is only a 16-year-old, is a victim of child sex trafficking. Avila said that he dropped them off at the Holiday Inn in Elk Grove, California.

The two women were pimping the girl to pedophiles. As soon as they got off the vehicle, Avila called the police.

Avila said, “Police arrived fast. They don’t play. They do not play. Not when you’re doing child sex trafficking.”

Avila recounted the conversation he heard from the backseat:

“‘You’re gonna hug them, you’re gonna pat them down, make sure they don’t have no weapons. You ask him, ‘Do you have any weapons?’ And then ask for the donations. Say ‘Do you have my donation?’ Get the donation first. And then before you go in and do anything, get the donation first.’”

The two women were later identified by the police. Destiny Pettway and Maria Westly are charged for offenses related to pandering and pimping. Another suspect connected with the two is also arrested. Disney Vang was charged for sex with minor.

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Avila told ABC13 that he just felt that as a civilian to act upon when there’s trouble involved.

“I can’t just drive away. I mean, of course not. That’s not even an option,” Avila said, “Honestly, I didn’t think about it. They said what they said, and it’s one of those things that you just do.”

Elk Grove Police officer Chris Trim said, “He could’ve said nothing. Went on his way, collected his fare. And then that 16-year-old victim could’ve been victimized again by who knows how many different people over the next couple of days, weeks, months.”

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